Free Thowing on your Birthday with booking of 8 or more!

How it works


 There are some basic requirements before you can start.

-All throwers must be 18 to participate. Children 10 and up can play with parental consent and supervision.

-No unsupervised children will be allowed to play.

-All players and observers must sign a wavier. Our lawyers made us!  

-No intoxicated players will be allowed to throw

-Closed toe shoes are required

-Red flannel shirts are fun but optional


Shared Target - 24.99 per person for 1 -4 people

If you have a group smaller than 4, you may share a target with other small groups. Its a chance to meet new friends. 75 minutes of axe throwing fun.

Private Target - 99.95 for up to 4 people. You and your group (4 total) will enjoy 75 minutes of axe throwing fun. If you are in a group smaller than 4 and aren't in the mood for new people book a Private Target. 

What if I have 6 total people?

You can buy one private target (4 @ 24.99) and 2 shared target (2@24.99), you may have two people from an outside group at one of your targets during our busy times. You could also purchase 2 private targets (8 @ 24.99) to ensure your group doesn't have doesn't have anyone else join you. 

Private party room

Want to make your axe throwing day a real party? Add a party room rental to your reservation. Private room that seat 12-14 people for cakes and presents. $100 per hour.

Have a large group or planning something special? Check out our Events page for details and discounts

What to expect when I arrive

 After you arrive and sign in, your axepert will teach you all necessary safety protocol and teach you to handle and throw the axe. Most people get the hang of it within 10-15 minutes but our axeperts are always availble to help. 

When was the last time you experienced something new?

The first time I got the axe to hit (and stick) on the target, i jumped up in the air and yelled like a little school kid. Its amazing at just how much fun doing something new with your group can be. It truly is addictive!

Is it safe?

We pride ourselves on our safety protocol and making sure everyone has a wonderful time. Each group of lanes has wire cages like a batting cage to ensure safe play. Our axeperts and mangement are also onsite to ensure that eveyone is following all the rules and procedures. Any unsafe activity will not be tolerated and be cause for removal from Lumberjax without refund.